A logo is not a brand. If your company was a human being, the logo would be a photo of their face. In fact, we try to stay away from using the word logo entirely, to help move away from this misconception. We prefer to say "brandmark".

Five's projects vary from branding a new company from scratch to rebranding already well-established businesses or organizations.

The branding process entails comprehensive research of key demographics and design elements that are specific to the client in question. Once data is confirmed, then begins the process of designing a brandmark, a colour palette, typography, secondary elements, and often much more.

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Print Design

Our favorite colours at five are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK. "Print" encompasses a vast array of different things.

We have designed billboards, book covers, bus ads, business stationery, vehicle graphics, magazine ads, newspapers, apparel, posters, commercial space construction signage, stickers, album covers, annual reports, real estate signs, board games, packaging, and much more!

If ink is involved, we would love to be, too. Whether your project is black and white, process, or an 8 colour job with Pantones, metallics, and spot varnishes, we know how to handle it.

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Editorial Design

Editorial covers an interesting space between the old and the new. We have designed the layout of books for print, but we also create layouts for ebooks as well.

Text and photos are provided to us by the authors and producers, and then we devise a typographic system for each book in addition to other elements such as screens, pullout quotes, and grids for consistency, among other things.

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Additional Services

If you require, photography, video, web design, etc, we have specialists for those media as well. Just ask!